Here’s the beginning of a timeline to build our story around. Are there other things that should be included? Please add additions to a comment, and I will revise our timeline to include them.

There are bits and pieces of our history that have already been written, and I will post them soon. We will work them into our history as we go.

Watch for new tabs at the top of the blog. Current tabs are Home, About, and Purpose.


1926 MARRIAGE: Ray and Lila married in Manti.

1927 BIRTH: Hilga born, in Sutherland.

1928 BIRTH: Ira born, in Sutherland.

1929 August Great Depression, stock market crash

1930 BIRTH: Helen born at home in LV.

1931 BIRTH: Jeniel born at home in LV.

1935 BIRTH: Ileen born at home in LV.

1939 to 1945 Would War II

1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

1941 November to December 1944 Geneva Steel Plant construction

1942 Move to PG

1943 BIRTH: Charlotte born in AF.

1945  Hilga graduates from Cadet Nursing Program

1946 Ira in Army in Japan during post-war occupation.

1949 Hilga marries.

1950 Helen marries.

1951 Jeniel marries.

1951 Ira marries.

1956  Ileen marries.

1956? Church remodel in PG.  Ira’s fall.

1957 December DEATH: Dad died at PG while working on the church building.

1968  Charlotte marries George

1972  Charlotte marries Harold

1988 DEATH: Mom died at PG.


4 thoughts on “Timeline

  1. LV is an abbreviation of the name of the place where our farm was located. Since the blog is public I did not want to give specific names and places so potential spammers could identify the living family members. Your mom can tell you what the abbreviations mean. Thanks for joining us!


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