A Trip to the Temple in 1900

A trip to the temple in St. George Utah from the Mormon Colonies in Mexico as told by a distant relative.  

“My parents wanted to be married in the Temple for time and eternity, so in August 1900, they sold what little they had accumulated, bought one-half interest in a team and wagon with my mother’s brother and started for St. George, Utah. Another couple joined them, making three couples, two teams and two wagons. I was the only child along, and Mother has told me that I never lacked for attention.

“They passed through St. David on Christmas Day 1900. They had many hardships and setbacks on this journey but never lost sight of their goals. They were snowed in in the mountains near St. George for several days; food gave out, and they were starved. The last half loaf of bread was kept for me, and my Dad (a very fussy eater) was so hungry he would eat the crumbs I dropped. Finally they decided to leave the wagons. The men walked single file to break a trail for the horses on which the women were riding. I was tied on as my mother was too weak to hold me.

“We arrived in St. George in the middle of February 1901 and were taken care of in the home of an uncle of my mother’s. My parents were sealed for time and eternity, and I was sealed to them.

“On their way back to Mexico, my parents stopped in Mesa, Arizona so my Dad could work in the hay fields to get a little money to see them home. Not being accustomed to the heat, he had a “sunstroke” and became very ill.  [An LDS Church member] told Dad he would rather give him money to get back to a cooler climate than buy the lumber to ship him home in a wooden box.  He and Mom went back on the train.”


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